Ling Ling® Japanese Style Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice 22 oz. Box

Japanese-Style yakitori Chicken Fried RiceAll across Japan, from small towns the crowded streets of Tokyo, yakitori stalls succulent pieces of chicken grilled over an open flame with their trademark dark, sweet sauce. Ling Ling's version combines white chicken meat grilled yakitori-style with long grain rice, and a variety of flavorful vegetables including yellow and orange carrots, leeks, edamame, peas, red bell peppers & fire roasted corn. Al Ling, Ling, our infused rice is made with a special combination of sauces and seasonings to deliver delicious flavor in every bite. Our rice is blended with the finest authentic ingredients to bring the true flavors of Asia to your table. Meal for 2 Ready in 9 Minutes