Lightlife Bowls Teriyaki Tempeh

Tempeh with edamame, carrots, bell peppers & brown rice in a ginger teriyaki sauce. Meatless. Since 1979. New! 12 g veggie protein per serving. Certified vegan. NSF: Certified gluten-free. GMO free. Making deliciously easy plant-based foods since 1979! Plant protein sources like soy, legumes and quinoa, are complete proteins and contain all nine essential amino acids. That means there's no difference between these protein sources and animal protein! Visit to find all of our products in the store where you shop. We began in Western Massachusetts in 1979 with a passion for creating great tasting vegetarian food. Over the years, we have grown by sticking to our roots - quality and care in everything we make. Today, our mission is to make eating better more accessible and deliciously easy, because the more people love our food, the more good we can do together. Visit to view our full line of plant-based products. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. 100% recyclable carton. Giving back 5% since 1979. Giving back to the community has been a priority since the very beginning. For over 35 years we have contributed 5% of our profits to organizations that support the earth on which we live and healthy lifestyles for people like you. Toll-free, M-F, 9-5 EST.