Saffron Road Ramen Bowl, with Chicken, Shoyu, Mild

Japanese inspired shoyu broth with shitake mushrooms, bok choy and scallions. Our Shoyu Ramen Bowl Features: bok choy; tamari soy sauce; shitake mushrooms; mirepoix. Chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. Made with real bone broth. Chicken raised with care (Our family farmed chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, mindfully handled with proper shelter and resting areas promoting healthy behavior, and never, ever given antibiotics). World cuisine. Add water 4 ounces. Journey to Better: Explore Japan's favorite ramen recipe in this classic bowl. Did you know that - Ramen lovers in Tokyo know time is of the essence. So when their Shoyu Ramen arrives at the table, idle chatter ceases. Because true aficionados know ramen must be enjoyed right away while it's hot and before the noodles get soggy. See for yourself with our authentic soy sauce based bone broth filled with the curly noodles that are essential to Shoyu Ramen. No doubt you'll be speechless too. Authentic Japanese recipe. From snacks to meals, join the delicious journey with Saffron Road. At Saffron Road, we are on a journey to discover and share extraordinary flavors and meals from around the world. Experience the wonder of finely crafted international food, with our bold, authentic recipes made with carefully selected ingredients. Grounded in a deep respect for our planet and the real ingredients it provides, all of our products are held to the highest of culinary, quality and ethical standards. Saffron Road. Journey to better. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Certified Halal by IFANCA. Certified halal (Certified Halal by IFANCA, (hashtag)SaffronRoad. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. (at)SaffronRoadFood. Recyclable cardboard and inner tray. Product of USA.