Lemon Grass Kitchen Chicken Pad Thai, Medium

White meat chicken, authentic rice noodles and crisp vegetables in an aromatic tamarind sauce. New! By Chef Mai Pham. One cup vegetables per serving. Nothing artificial. Ready in 6 minutes. Meal for two. No MSG (Except for that which naturally occurs in soy sauce and yeast extract). Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Flavors inspired by Thailand. Popularized in the 1930's, Pad Thai is a relatively new dish to Thailand. Back then, as part of a campaign to promote Thai nationalism, a public contest was help to find a deserving national noodle dish. The winning entry was the Pad Thai that we know and love today. Since then, this beloved dish remains a staple, enjoyed not only from street food carts, restaurants and cafes in Thailand but throughout the world. Try all of our delicious Lemon Grass Kitchen Southeast Asian recipes! Taste Guarantee: (888) 469-5815. www.lemongrasskitchen.com. Facebook. Twitter. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Exotic is on the Menu: Lemon Grass Kitchen is your culinary passport, transporting you to Southeast Asia through vibrant, authentic flavors. Chef Mai Pham, our culinary director and the inspiration behind Lemon Grass Kitchen, is your personal guide. She will enrich your journey by sharing her Southeast Asian history and culture, one that honors foods and cooking. With a variety of Lemon Grass Kitchen meals stocked in your home, you'll enjoy knowing that other exotic journeys are never more than a few minutes away. Mai Pham is the chef and owner of the nationally renowned Lemon Grass and Star Ginger restaurants in Sacramento. Born in Saigon and raised in Vietnam and Thailand. Chef Pham is one of America's leading experts in Southeast Asian cuisine. Made in the USA.