Made from beef, turkey, lamb and bison bones. Drinkable nourishment. Gluten Free. Paleo friendly. Whole 30 approved. No MSG. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Our Story: Bonafide Provisions was started out of the need for a bone broth that met my standards. As a clinical nutritionist, every ingredient was carefully selected to make the highest quality bone broth. The recipe we use is nutritionist crafted by me, and made by my broth master husband, Reb. We hope you love our broth! - Sharon. The Rooted Farm Collective: At Bonafide Provisions, animal welfare, farmer wellbeing, and a net positive environmental impact is central to our mission. We started the Rooted Farm Collective to demonstrate our commitment to only source from farms that meet our high standards. We invite you to learn more at Broth made with filtered water and from organic beef bones, organic turkey bones, grassfed lambs bones and grassfed bison bones. bo-ne-fid - real or genuine. pre'viZHen - supply with food or drink for a journey. BPA free bag.