AC LaRocco Pizza, Spinach & Artichoke

Heart healthy. Nutritious by Nature, delicious by design! Thin crust. Whole grain. High fiber. Featuring all natural: mozzarella & feta cheese, cheddar & parmesan cheese, spinach, artichokes, onions, fresh herbs, whole grain (14 g per serving). Over the past decade, AC LaRocco Pizza Company's products have been recognized and revered for their outstanding taste and unique flavor profiles while offering the most nutritional pizza on the planet. The organic whole wheat and tomato paste are the cornerstone for every thin crust pizza we make. We use fresh frozen vegetables [frozen within four to six hours of harvest to lock in the highest level of nutrients] to garnish the tops of our pizzas and enhance their overall flavor and nutritional benefits. This captures the essence of AC LaRocco Pizza; Nutritious by Nature, Delicious by Design. No preservatives or MSG added Cheese is rBST hormone free made without animal enzymes or rennet. Nutrition science clearly shows that the foods we eat every day have a profound effect on our health in both the short and the long term. The science may be complicated but the message is simple: certain foods - SuperFoods as we call them - should be an essential part of your regular diet. That just got a lot easier thanks to AC LaRocco. AC LaRocco makes ultra-high quality, fresh frozen pizzas that are loaded with just the kind of SuperFoods I've written about. These Pizzas taste great and they're great for you. Why wouldn't you want the best in taste and nutrition for your family? Dr. Steve Pratt for SuperFoods Rx. Product of USA.