USDA organic. ICO certified organic. Certified vegan. Gluten free. These beautiful heirloom peanuts are quite likely original ancestors to nuts grown today. Direct from the pristine Amazonian rainforest, our wild jungle peanuts are harvested by the indigenous Achuar people on their land in a remote region near the border of Ecuador and Peru and flown out on small planes. The purchase of these wild nuts supports the preservation of Achuar culture and their way of life. The income from this product supports their campaign, coordinated by their allies at Amazon Watch to gain legal title to their ancestral lands, keep out oil companies and protect Mother Earth. Jungle peanuts contain all 8 essential amino acids, iron, & calcium. They taste familiar yet new: rich, aromatic and earthy - as different from regular peanuts as wild strawberries are from commercial ones. Add these protein rich nuts to your favorite trail mix, granola, salad, or just eat them by the handful! Kids love them too! Unlike most peanuts, jungle peanuts are very low in aflotoxin (less than 10 pbb). Certified Organic by ICO. Product of Ecuador. Packaged in Indiana.