1 quart 1 liter 8 in. x 11 in. 20.3 cm x 27.9 cm. The no. 1 vacuum sealing system. Keeps food fresh up to 5x longer and helps prevent freezer burn. Save up to $2700 yearly (Based on buying in bulk, buying on sale & preventing waste). Best performing vacuum storage bags (Among other brands tested, December 2016). For best performance use with FoodSaver food preservation systems. FoodSaver vacuum seal bags have a unique, durable multi-layer construction that creates an air-tight barrier around foods proven to help prevent freezer burn. Specially designed channels allow for the removal of air. Trust your food freshness to FoodSaver bags & rolls: baked goods; breads; harvests; freeze; buy in bulk; sous vide; make ahead meals; travels. Resists punctures and tearing. Locks in freshness and flavor. Safe for microwave, freezer, refrigerator and simmering. Not intended for dishwasher use or re-use after microwaving and simmering. Discover more about FoodSaver food preservation systems and uses at Find out more about FoodSaver products at or by calling 1.877.777.8042. BPA free multi-layer protection. Made in China.