Flax4Life Toaster Buns, Flax, Gluten-Free, Everything

Poppyseed, sesame seed, onion & roasted garlic. By Kasondra. Certified gluten-free. 4000 mg of omega 3 per bun. Supports cardiovascular health. Helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels. 10 grams of protein. Dairy free. The decision to develop products that are gluten-free and health oriented, originated around a decade ago when a few members of our family became very ill. They spent over two years seeing specialists, as it turns out they had Celiac disease. As a family of baker, it became our mission to develop products that have many health benefits, that are gluten-free, made with all natural ingredients but most importantly tastes - delicious! 4,065 mg omega 3 per bun; 7.5 g fat from flax. Made with pride. www.flax4life.net. Facebook.