Farin' Up Le Tasty Cookies Mix with Belgian Chocolate 21.16 oz

GMO free. Ready in a minute. Makes 22 cookies. Louis around the world. Millers Since 1704: Meet Louis, globetrotting Frenchman and brand ambassador for Farin' Up. This 11th generation miller is a descendant of the oldest family-run wheat mill in Luxembourg, Moulins de Kleinbettingen. He is a playful, inquisitive renaissance man who is passionate about traveling the world in search of the most coveted and legendary family recipes. Louis embodies the spirit of our mill, our storied family of craftsmen, and the artisanal products we produce. Vive le Wheat! Do you know what's better than a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down? Chocolate! While touring the historic, beautiful country of Belgium I learned that in 1857 an apothecary in Brussels sold chocolate-coated medicines. Today, many of the over 2,000 chocolateries across the country still produce their chocolate by hand. Medic! A refill on my prescription for Belgian chocolate, s'il vous plait! www.farinup.us. Follow Louis around the world. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Product of Luxembourg.