Enlightened Keto Cheesecakes, Strawberry, Mini

2g Net Carbs (19g Carbs - 1g Fiber - 9g Erythritol - 7g Allulose = 2g Net Carbs). No sugar added (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content). EatEnlightened.com. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. (at)eatenligtened. Explore more products at EatEnlightened.com. Dessert should be a celebration, not a compromise! We're serving up all of your freezer aisle favorites, full of flavor and made with amazing nutrition. Light Chocolate. Keto. Dairy-Free. Fruit infusions. Dough Bites. Try our other flavors! Pumpkin. Chocolate. Classic. Caramel Chocolate.