Jarlsberg® Semi Soft Part-Skim Cheese 10 oz. Pack

Perfect for:• Sandwiches• Snacking• Salads• Burgers• Omelets In 1956, we created an entirely new class of cheese, using an original Norwegian recipe. Why does Jarlsberg® cheese taste so milk, nutty and delicious?...and how do we get those holes inside? It's all part of the legend...and Norway's most guarded recipe! Enjoy Jarlsberg® cheese...Mild, Mellow, Nutty Flavor.Delicious in sandwiches, salads, burgers, omelets & more! "Yours to share"Share your most guarded Jarlsberg® cheese recipes. Mild, Mellow, Nutty Flavor Deli Sliced 25% More Free Compared to 8 oz. Package Tine® Norway