Sparkling probiotic drink with peach pineapple. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers, Inc. Dairy-free. Vegan. Non GMO Project verified. Living water. Raw. 6 billion probiotics (Per bottle at time of bottling: Probiotics Bacillus Subtilis DE111 1 billion organisms, lactobacillus bacterium: 5 billion organisms) for digestive support. Full-spectrum electrolytes for healthy hydration. Nourish your thirst. Aqua kefir is an authentic water kefir cultured with ancient probiotic crystals discovered over 200 years ago on the pads of Mexican cacti. Naturally rich with diverse probiotic strains, this light and refreshing beverage contains active nutrients that can effectively aid digestion, improve mood, and hydrate the body. - GT Dave, Founder. Contact us: GT's Living Foods, PO Box 2352, Beverly Hills, CA 90213. Toll Free: (877) 735-8433, info(at), Please recycle.