Clover Organic, Non-Fat, Greek Yogurt - Plain

16 g protein. 0% milkfat. Grade A. USDA organic. Since 1916. Certified organic by QCS. Authentically strained. Connect with us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest. Organic is always non-GMO. Pure Yogurt Bliss: How can nonfat yogurt be this thick and rich? It's all in how you make it. Ours starts with fresh organic nonfat milk from our family dairies. Crafted authentically, we strain it in small batches to achieve its irresistibly smooth and creamy texture. High in protein and rich in taste, we hope you'll find pure yogurt bliss in every spoonful. Clover Cares: Love is at the heart of Clover - and we've always believed in giving back. Each year we reinvent up to 10% of our pre-tax profits to support what's dear to us - local agriculture and the communities that support us. To learn more about our story and the organizations we support, visit