Clover Milk, Fat Free 1 Qt

Vitamin A & D. From cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. American Humane Association Free Farmed Certified. Good source of protein. Excellent source of calcium. USDA organic. Not ultra pasteurized. Clover Stornetta Farms' organic milk comes from St. Anthony's farm and eight family farms in Humboldt, Del Norte and Sonoma Counties. The cows are not treated with antibiotics or the bovine growth hormone rBST. The family farms of the North Coast have open, green pasture, plenty of walking area, fresh air, clean bedding, and are all American Humane Association Free Farm certified. These family farms provide their cows with a diet of 100% organically grown feed, produced using only organically approved fertilizers and pest control. All of this combines to make Clover Stornetta Organic Milk the Milk of Human Kindness. Under the procedures of certification, every step of processing and handling is evaluated for compliance and the highest organic standards. Organic methods are documented from the pooling of milk from organic farms, through pasteurization, storage, packaging and delivery to retailers and food-service outlets. In addition, certifier's compliance to Federal regulations is audited. Everything the cows and land are fed or treated with is documented, audited, and must meet organic requirements. 100% of our Clover milk comes from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. Certified organic by QCS.