Horizon Organic Milk 0.5 gl

170 calories per cup. With 32 mg DHA omega-3 per serving. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. Vitamin D. See nutrition facts per sat. fat content. Less than 6% of all milk is USDA Certified Organic (USDA Ams, estimated U.S 2018 fluid milk sales) (but we wouldn't do it any other way). Non GMO. Made with non GMO ingredients. Ultra-pasteurized. Horizon Organic Means (Organic rules prohibit the use of pesticides that are harmful to human health): No added hormones; no antibiotics; no toxic pesticides; pasture-raised cows. DHA omega-3 supports brain health. Get DHA The Easy Way: Every 8-ounce glass of Horizon DHA omega-3 serves up 32 mg of this important nutrient. We use only sustainable, vegetarian DHA - never fish oil. Lifes DHA: Health brain, eyes, heart. Organic makes all the difference. Pasture-Raised: Horizon cows spend at least 120 days grazing on pasture. Each year. They eat organic. with no GMOs, antibiotics for added hormones. Hooray! For Our Farmers: From sunny California to the rolling hilts of New York, organic family farms are the heart of Horizon. Fresh taste or your money back. We stand behind our milk 100%. Get the fresh horizon taste you love, or get a full refund guarantee! call for refund. Limit two refunds per household per year. Grade. A. horizon.com. how2recycle.info. Twitter. Facebook. We'd love to hear from you! call 1-888-494-3020 or visit horizon.com. Learn more at horizon.com. Get the scoop on our DHA at horizon.com. Caring for the earth organic certification Organic certification requires farming the land without toxic pesticides (Organic rules prohibit the of pesticides that are harmful to human health). Certified B Corporation. Chocolate lowfat milk. Vanilla lowfat milk. Take DHA to go try our go- any where milk boxes with 32 mg DHA omega-3. FSC: Mix. Rainforest Alliance Certified packaging.