Cabot Sweetened Light Whipped Cream

Cabot® Sweetened Light Whipped Cream. Since 1919. Owned by our farm families in New York & New England. Premium natural. Tastes like homemade. Real®. Real cream, real vanilla and real sugar. Grade A. 100% of profits go to our farmers, supporting our communities, our communities supporting us. Owned for generations by proud, hard-working farm families, Cabot is a northeast co-op that began in Vermont, in 1919. What we are unable to make ourselves, we source from allied companies that share our commitment to excellence, such as this all-natural, whipped cream made in North Carolina. Please remember, buying Cabot means the world to the future of our farm families. Please check with your local recycling center for the proper disposal of the empty container. Gluten free. No artificial growth hormone*. Steel. *The FDA has stated that there is no significant difference between milk from rBST-treated and untreated cows. Comments welcome: ©2015.