Pacific® Hazelnut Chocolate Non-Dairy Beverage 4-8 fl. oz. Cartons

What’s Inside• Excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin (B2).• Good source of vitamin A.• Lactose & cholesterol free.• Vegan.• Soy free.• Gluten free. NourishmentIt’s what we value most at Pacific. We’ve always taken our cues from nature, making foods that celebrate the goodness of carefully sourced, simple ingredients and time-honored recipes.Our foods don’t just nourish families, they enrich communities, cultivate better animal welfare and sustain a healthier environment. When all is nourished, a brighter world can take shape.Nourish Every Body™ Tetra Pak® Protects What’s Good 4 8 oz. Servings No More Pull Tab! Certified to the Source Since 1997