Bobs Red Mill Dairy Whey, Sweet, Extra Grade

Premium quality. To your good health. - Bob Moore. Bob's Extra Grade Sweet Dairy Whey is a light colored, free-flowing powder resulting from drying sweet, fresh, cheese whey. It brings a remarkable quality to home prepared foods. It may be used to replace part of the nonfat milk in recipes. It imparts a sweet flavor, and is an excellent source of complete protein. Whey also has a shortening effect on doughs and facilitates cutting back on the use of fat. You can see our quality! Bob's Red Mill is the most unique flour mill in the Northwest. We use century old stone grinding equipment to freshly mill whole grain products. Delight your family with whole grain goodness. All natural. An employee-owned company. Whole grain foods for every meal of the day. Stack the odds in your favor. Stone millers since 1978.