100% Pure. Brown eggs from cage free vegetarian hens. Just for you. Humane Harvest hens eat a special diet with no added animal by products. It is an all vegetarian; natural food high in protein containing no animal cholesterol. Our chickens live free and have the run of large community houses, barns, to fly, scratch, roost or just exercise to their heart's (and health's) content. These beautiful brown-shelled eggs are sure to delight your taste and conscience of our loving public. Be it for vegetarian or nutritional reasons to eat these foods produced in the healthiest way: Humane Harvest will fill the need. Humanely Harvested, washed and shipped within hours to arrive at your store, fresh. We know you will enjoy these fine eggs as many have for decades; the eggs from China Valley Ranchers Humane Harvest ranching methods. Our hens are given no antibiotics, no steroids, and no hormones.