Grade AA. One dozen. Cage free. Local California family farms. American Humane Certified. Since 1916. No antibiotics or hormones (No antibiotics were administered to the hen's diet or to the hen. No hormones are used in the production of shell eggs). Delicious golden yolk. Freshness guarantee. Vegetarian fed. 180 mg of omega-3 per egg. Organic is always non-GMO. Clover Cares: Come learn more about how Clover Cares in the community. Connect with us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest. CA SEFS Compliant. Carton made from 100% reclaimed paper. Certified organic by QCS. Welcome to Clover Country: For three generations we've been using our best knowledge to produce quality dairy products that honor our family farms, the environment and the communities we serve. For more information on Clover Eggs, please visit Happy Hens, Wholesome Eggs: Clover organic eggs come from happy, healthy hens who have access to the great outdoors and the run of a large indoor hen house. They enjoy a balanced, vegetarian diet, because what a hen eats contributes to the quality of her eggs. Delivered within days from our Northern California family farms to your local grocer, you can taste their exceptional quality and freshness.