Rising Sun Farms Pesto Dried Tomato Cheese Torta

Rising Sun Farms® Pesto Dried Tomato Cheese Torta. Gluten free. All natural. Since 1985. Basil tidbits: Known as the king of herbs, basil gets its name from the Greek word meaning royalty. Basil is an annual herb of the mint family, native to central and tropical Asia and Africa (some say it originated in India). In Mexico it is supposed to keep a lover's eye off others, and is considered a powerful protector in Haiti. During British colonial days in India, magistrates would have Hindu Witnesses swear on this holy herb. In Italy it is a token of love. In Romania if a girl gives a sprig to her boy-friend, they are engaged. A good Hindu goes to rest with a leaf on his breast as a passport to Paradise. Our food safety commitment to you: hourly inspections by our own quality assurance, along with regular comprehensive inspections by third party auditors, the FDA, the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the US Military. Awards! Inc. Magazine top 5000. 2009 Top 25 women-owned business in Or. 2008 LA county fair. 2006 World cheese awards. 2005 World cheese awards. 2001 Best of aisle. 2001 Award of excellence. 1995 Best of aisle. 1994 Oregon Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the year. 1992 Best of aisle. 1991 Appetizer of the year. 1989 Most progressive farm in Or. - Or. Dept. of Ag. Try all of Rising Sun Farms® Cheese Tortas. For more information & recipes, visit our website: www.risingsunfarms.com. Rising Sun Farms successfully strives to provide international award-winning foods utilizing the highest quality clean ingredients, while supporting organic and sustainable agriculture. Pesto Dried Tomato Cheese Torta history: in 1987, Rising Sun Farms was selected to be part of a promotion with Neiman Marcus stores. Using a jar each of her organic basil pesto sauce and minced dried tomatoes, Elizabeth came up with a flavorful creamy cheese mixture and started layering the components. At the grand opening of the promotion, Richard Marcus proclaimed, "This is the best thing I have ever tasted! Do you ship this" Elizabeth replied, "Sure! How many thousands would you like". And so the story began. To date this amazing torta has won numerous national and international awards. We hope you agree with the judges. Life is good! Savor all of our flavors at Rising Sun Farms®. Acquired Taste®. 5126 South Pacific Highway. Phoenix, Oregon 97535. Seizing every day on the farm since 1982. Elizabeth & Richard Fujas. Product of the U.S.A. Rising Sun Farms, Inc.®j Slow Food for the Fast Lane™. Acquired Taste™. 1-800-888-0795. www.risingsunfarms.com.