Miyokos Creamery Cultured Nut Product, High Sierra Rustic Alpine, No. 03

Handcrafted in California. Vegan. Non-dairy. Organic. Free of lactose, egg, soy, cholesterol and gluten. Non-GMO. USDA organic. Sumptuously rich and creamy, stretchy and gooey, sharp and tangy, smoky and fresh - these words describe a delicacy that I often enjoyed before I gave up dairy products. I spent years creating delicious, kinder alternatives that would not harm animals, our planet, or our health. Today, I am thrilled to be able to share them with you! From my kitchen to yours, with joy - bon appetit! - Miyoko. Certified organic by Organic Certifiers. Semi-hard, nutty, sweet overtones and buttery finish. Pairs beautifully with fruit, or use for fondue or risotto.