Mission Gluten Free Tortillas Soft Taco - 8 CT

Mission® Gluten Free Tortillas Soft Taco. New. World's best-selling Tortilla®. The Authentic Tradition®. Wheat free. 0g trans fat. Per serving. Low cholesterol. 8ct. Net wt 14 oz (396g). Who said wheat-free had to be taste-free Not us! At Mission® we won't let wheat allergies get in the way of you enjoying a great tasting tortilla. That's why we created our new gluten free tortillas. Soft and full of authentic Mission® flavor, our new tortillas let you enjoy all of your favorite wrap and quesadilla recipes, and still stay true to your dietary needs. Enjoy them at your next meal and leave your wheat worries behind. Mission®, the authentic Tradition®, and world's best-selling Tortilla® are registered trademarks of Gruma corporation. Gruma® is a registered trademark of Gruma S.A.B, de C.V. For great recipe ideas, questions & comments, visit: missionmenus.com. Questions or comments 1-800-600-8226 Weekdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM central time. Mission® 8 CT 14 oz gluten free tortillas. ©2015 Gruma Corporation.