La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Tortillas, Light, Whole Wheat

1/3 fewer calories than regular whole wheat tortillas. Whole Grain: 11 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. New! Calorie comparison per serving of 1 tortilla (39 g): whole wheat tortilla light: 80 calories; regular whole wheat tortilla: 120 calories. A Better Whole Wheat Tortilla: The Smart & Delicious Advantage: Per Serving (1 Tortilla): 80 calories; 2.5 g fat; 8 g fiber; 8 g(To get net effective carb count: When counting carbs you can deduct the grams of dietary fiber from the total carbohydrate grams to get the net carb count. 16 g carbs - 8 g fiber = 8 net carbs) net carbs; 4 g protein. For three generations, La Tortilla Factory and the Tamayo Family have been dedicated to baking the best tasting, healthy wraps and tortillas using only the highest quality ingredients. Our Smart & Delicious Tortillas are the perfect option for all types of diets and lifestyles including people on-the-go, kids that need sound nutrition and anyone trying to control their calories. Not to mention, they are the perfect bread alternative!