Clover Chocolate Milk, Lactose Free

Vitamin D. Rich & creamy. Since 1916. Clover promise of excellence. Ultra pasteurized. American Humane Certified. What is lactose intolerance? If you're lactose intolerant, you're not allergic to milk or even to lactose. Your body simply doesn't produce enough of the lactose enzyme to fully break down the lactose, or milk sugar. The result is that the lactose passes undigested into your stomach, which can cause uncomfortable results. But don't worry, we've got you covered. How do we make it lactose free? Milk contains natural sugar called lactose. We add lactose enzyme to fresh clover milk. The lactose enzyme breaks down the lactose into two more easily digestible sugars: glucose and galactose. Easy to digest! Grade A Ultra-Pasteurized homogenized. Certified B Corporation. Come learn more about clover and our delicious dairy products. Connect with us. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Please recycle. Support your local cow!. Our family dairies. Cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. Cows cared for under American Humane Certified animal welfare standards. Daily and weekly testing of milk to ensure low bacteria counts, 3-6x lower than state and federal standards. Farms strive to make annual environmental improvements to their land. Clover cares. Love is at the heart of Clover and we've always believed in giving back. Each year we reinvest at least 5% of profits to support what's dear to uslocal agriculture and the communities that support us. To learn more about our story and the organizations we support, visit