CatWare Sit-N-Scratch, Corrugated, Double

Naturally appealing surface for cats to scratch, stretch and sleep. Perfect way to redirect inappropriate scratching. Naturally fun outlet for excess energy. Made from recyclable, biodegradeable and compostable cardboard. Uses reversible replacement item No. 12003. Free all natural catnip attractant included. Even declawed cats knead corrugated cardboard. Claw pleasing. Relieves boredom. Eco-friendly and economical. Cats can't resist CatWare. Scratch surfaces are an absolute must for your cat! Cats have a vital need to use their claws that grow continuously, to stretch and to exercise. Providing a corrugated scratch surface for your cat allows it to play and use its claws whenever it likes. It also help protect your furniture, curtains and sofas from scratching. Naturally appealing cardboard texture! Very closely spaced cavities make the corrugated scratchers an ideal ridged element that traps worn or dead particles from your cat's claws. This is essential to your pet's health and well-being. Catnip is irresistible! Corrugated Sit-N-Scratch can be perfumed with nepeta cataria (provided in an enclosed plastic bag). Better known as catnip, the plant has an exciting, euphoric effect on felines. Your cat will naturally prefer the corrugated scratch surface to your furniture for sharpening his claws. Cat Fact: Scratching surfaces is an instinctive behavior that not only manicures claws, but also marks territories with scent from your pets' paws. This is normal behavior, even declawed cats perform instinctive scratching behavior. We Care: Ware Manufacturing is concerned about the carbon footprint we will leave as a company. We are committed to use recycled and recyclable material wherever possible in the production of our packaging, wood, metal and plastic products. Visit us at: Made in China.