C&H Pure Cane Sugar Superfine Quick-Dissolving Sugar 1 lb Box

C&H® Superfine Sugar is made from super-fine grains of 100% pure cane sugar, from natural sugar cane stalks. Its extremely fine-grained texture helps it dissolve quickly in hot or cold. It's the ideal sugar for flavoring any kind of beverage...from a pitcher of refreshing lemonade or iced tea to a coffee latte or a pot of herbal tea. It's also wonderful in special recipes where an extra smooth, light texture is important, such as meringues, icings, glazes, ice creams and sorbets. And like all C&H®, Superfine is always 100% pure cane, so there's no risk of getting "made-from-beet" sugars that other brands sell. Recipe: Jazzy Raspberry Lemonade. Visit us at www.chsugar.com for more scrumptious, "spoil-your-family" recipes and helpful tips and suggestions. Kosher for Passover Pure Sugar Great in Beverages