Brioche Pasquier Mini Butter Croissants 8 ea

Made with non GMO ingredients. French family bakery. Our mini butter croissants are made with layer upon layer of irresistibly flaky pastry dough, and rich in butter. Transform your kitchen into an authentic french bakery within minutes. Simplicity is at the heart of our history In 1936 our father, Gabriel Pasquier, opened his boulangerie in the small picturesque village of Les Cerqueux, located in the Loire region of Western France. From his culinary expertise and savoir-faire grew to what is now Brioche Pasquier. More than 240 years later, my four brothers and I have continued our family tradition, baking delicious pastries and desserts enjoyed around the world. For breakfast, as a snack, or for desserts - take a bite and enjoy the taste of France any time of day. Pascal Pasquier. We want to here from you! brioche(at) or 1.800.894.2881.