Dietary Supplement. Whole food-based multiple. With Organic veggies. Gluten Free. Also free of gluten free and sugar. Non GMO. 3rd Party Non-GMO Verified. This products si not produced with genetic engineering methods or materials according to the requirements of the NSF Non-GMO certification program. Whole food-based multiple. Bluebonnet's Men's One daily nutritional support. Increase stamina. Maintain prostate health. Promote energy. Support digestion. Minerals are shown in their elemental value. Bluebonnet's KOF-K certification. Bluebonnet’s Men’s One multiple capsule. Whole Food-Based A wholesome formula with the nutrients to promote a balanced diet and to ensure you get enough servings of fruits, vegetables & grains. Coenzyme B Vitamins: The quickest and most efficient way for the most bioavailable B vitamins to be utilized in the body. Advanced Male Health Blend: Contains extracts from saw palmetto, broccoli, Rhodiola and American/Panax ginseng extracts and ashwagandha to support male stamina and prostate health. Organic Whole Food Vegetable Blend: Made with the perfect blend of 11 energizing organic greens. Plant Sourced Enzymes Blend: Contains a distinctive blend of vegetarian enzymes that work together with the body's own enzyme system to enhance digestion. Certified by NSF. For more information visit (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Printed in the USA on paperboard managed under sustainable forestry practices.