Bitsy's Good Cookies, Organic, Chocolate/Orange/Beet

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Nut free. Made in a peanut-free and tree-nut free facility. Organic is always non-GMO. 5 snack packs inside., Whole grain., A bit more goodness. Organic veggies in every bite. Imagine. Discover., A bit more goodness, from farm to playground. A bit more veggies? Check. A bit more creativity? You bet. We'll always do a bit more when it comes to our snacks - like finding the brightest, farm-fresh ingredients, then baking every bit into shapes and flavors as imaginative as kids themselves! These little bits add up, like veggies in your snacks, or one kind word. It's goodness that's meant to be shared on (and off!) the playground, and our way of creating a healthier, brighter world - bit by bit. Bitsy's is a bit more - creative; allergen friendly; kind; nutritious; veggie-ful; happy; delicious., Inspiration in every bite. Hey there, good cookie! Play hard and dream big - so we baked these cookies, stamped with words of encouragement, just for you! They're super powered with veggies and a hint of sweetness to fuel your adventure-packed days with goodness. High five, friend! We packed this lunchbox-favorite flavor with a bit of: chocolate; orange; beet. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. (at)bitsysbrainfood.