Sierra Nevada Beer, Pale Ale 1 ea

No one was ready for Pale Ale in 1980, and no one can fathom a fridge without it today. Its bold hoppiness and smooth malt flavor shocked taste buds — right before sparking the American craft beer revolution. Pale Ale is still the one hopped to perfection, and still the one you’re proud to share. A craft beer as bold as it is innovative, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a balanced beer that's heavy on hops without sacrificing on rich flavor. At 5.6% ABV, this craft beer lover’s favorite is made from Cascade hops and caramelized malts hopped to perfection. The resulting pale ale offers intense aromas of pine and citrus for a full-flavored beer that makes a refreshing year-round beer or an ideal gift for craft beer lovers. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co is proudly family owned, operated and argued over since 1980.