Gowans Hard Cider, Gravenstein Heirloom 500 Ml

Real California cider. Estate grown. Est. 1876. For 140 years we've hand picked the best apples. Now these 83 heirlooms sparkle in our family-farmed craft ciders - all from heritage orchards, sustainably grown in the Anderson Valley premium California terroir. Family owned for six generations - over 140 years. Special: estate grown. Tree ripened. Orchard: Gowan Family Orchard. Varietal: Gravenstein Apple. Fresh Gravenstein apples straight from the orchards craft this varietal cider, with notes of citrus, jasmine, spice, melon & bay leaf. Crisp, smooth & refreshing. Enjoy lightly chilled in a tulip glass, from brunch to dinner & dessert. Farm-to-table. Proprietors/Cider Makers: Donald Gowan; Sharon Gowan. Gluten free, non GMO & all natural. gowansheirloomcider.com. California grown. 6.1% alc by vol. Produced & bottled by Gowan's Ciderhouse, Philo, California.