It doesn't take an empire to make a gin. Distilled London gin. Botanicals from Everywhere: Received by Thames distillers. Received by Thames distillers. Botanicals steeped for 15 hours before distillation. Steeped 15 hrs Cooked 5 hrs: Made 500 LTHRE stills-Tom Thumb-Thumbelina. Master Distiller: Charles Maxwell. 8th Generation distiller. Distilled at Thames Distillers London stills by John Dore. FG 86: Fords spirit and spice. Gin made for cocktails; Found in gin joints. Botanical: Juniper; Imported from: Italy; Notes: Savory, refreshing, pine, lavender. Botanical: Coriander Seed; Imported from: Romania; Notes: Spice, citrus, orange, structure. Botanical: Lemon peel; Imported from: Spain; Notes: Sharp bright citrus, also adds dryness. Botanical: Bitter orange peel; Imported from: Haiti/Morocco; Notes: Brightness, sweet & bitter citrus. Botanical: Angelica; Imported from: Poland; Notes: Punget sweetness and dryness. Botanical: Grapefruit peel; Imported from: Turkey; Notes: Sharp tangy citrus. Botanical: Orris powder; Imported from: Italy/Morroc; Notes: Earthy + floral, binds flavour. Botanical: Cassia; Imported from: Indonesia; Notes: Warm sweet aromatic spice. Botanical: Well water; Imported from: Mendocino, CA; Notes: Clean, Filtered. Botanical: Wheat; Imported from: England; Notes: Neutral, slight graininess. 45% alc/vol. (90 proof). Imported by: Noise & Spirits Imports, Miami FL. Bottled by the 86 Co, Ukiah, CA. Product of England.