Jeffersons Reserve Whiskey, Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Very old. Very small batch. Jefferson's ridiculously small batch bourbon. All men are created equal. The same can not be said about bourbon. Ridiculously small batch bourbons are produced by skillfully marrying a selection of barrels of various ages. It achieves the precision of a single-barrel bottling, while ensuring the complexity and consistency expected by fine bourbon aficionados. We invite you to experience the unique flavor of each Jefferson's brand: Jefferson's Ocean, Jefferson's Groth Reserve Cask Finishing. Jefferson's Chef's Collaboration and Jefferson's Barrel Finished Manhattan. Like our President, this bourbon is complex, elegant and full of sophistication. Jefferson's Reserve is allowed many years to age slowly and reach maturity naturally. This results in a bourbon with a rich bouquet, color and flavor as well as a softer, more rounded finish. It's bottled at 90.2 proof to satisfy the robust taste of traditional bourbon connoisseur, yet still smooth enough to allow all the flavors to be enjoyed. The Jefferson's Ridiculously Small Batch Difference. To learn more about our line of hand-crafted, ridiculously small batch bourbons, meet our Master Distiller and find out about our exciting R and D projects, please visit our website at : Please sip responsibly. Jefferson's Bourbon 41.15% Alc./Vol. (82 proof). Jefferson's Reserve 45.1% Alc./Vol. (90.2 proof), Jefferson Groth Reserve Cask Finish 45.1% Alc./Vol. (90.2 proof), Jefferson's Chef's Collaboration 45% Alc./Vol. (90 proof), Jefferson's Ocean 45% Alc./Vol. (90 proof), Jefferson's Barrel Finished Manhattan 34% Alc. Vol. (68 proof). 45.1% alc/vol. (90.2 proof). Bottled for Mclain & Kyne, Louisville, Kentucky.