Irish Mist Liqueur, The Original, Honey

Ireland's legendary imported. The Irish company. Inspired by an ancient recipe from thousands of years ago, Irish Mist is Ireland's Original Liqueur. First produced by Desmond Williams in tullamore, Irish Mist is a superbly smooth and delicious blend of Irish Whiskey, honey and natural aromatic spices. Irish Mist is a liqueur unlike any other. Enjoy with your favorite mixer, a squeeze of lime, or simply on the rocks. Color: Deep golden red. Aroma: Old Irish Whiskey with honey and complex spicy notes. Some fruity nuances and just a trace of vanilla. Palate: Warm whiskey with honey beautifully counter-balanced by darker spicy note and a touch of bitter dark chocolate. Finish: The perfect balance of smooth Irish Whiskey. Sweet and dark spicy flavors lingers satisfyingly on the palate. Contains caramel.