TW Pitchers Brewing Beer 6 ea

All natural ingredients. No funny biz. Grapefruit shandy with a hint of blood orange. We make craft shandies. One sunny afternoon, a small Bavarian pub was inundated with thirsty cyclists. Rather than run out of beer, the crafty barman added a barrel of citrus juice to his brew. Thus, the Radler was born. Inspired by this concept, we created TW Pitchers' Radler, a freshingly crisp blend of Larger and Grapefruit juice with a hint of blood orange for good measure. Wunderbar! Rally! Foundation: We support the Rally Foundation in their mission to fund childhood cancer research and raise awareness. Find out more at Est. in SF, CA. TW Pitchers' Brewing Company was founded by Tommy and Wilson, two friends who met pitching for their college baseball team (hence the name TW Pitchers). The right-handed hurlers on the bench talking about craft beer and, soon after graduation, moved to San Francisco to work on their first brew. We're redefining the Shandy style. Quality is important to us and all TW Pitchers' beers are handcrafted with only the best natural ingredients. We make craft Shandies. 5.1 % alc. by vol.