SeekOut Seltzer, Key Lime + Mint

Real hard Seltzer. No refined sugars. No artificial flavors. Just fruit + water. 100 calories per can. No refined sugars. No artificial flavors. Just fruit + water. Hi! This is SeekOut, made by the folks at 2 Towns Ciderhouse. Our passion since day on has been crafting delicious beverages from real, natural ingredients. So we thought why not use that love for delicious craft beverages to make a real hard seltzer? That means a hard seltzer crafted 100% from real fruit + water. Even the alcohol comes from fruit, not sugar. No refined sugars, no artificial flavors, no funny business. It really is that simple. The result is a hard seltzer that everyone can feel good about. We really hope you enjoy it! Key Lime + Mint: Citrusy and sour, we use real fresh-pressed key lime and a touch of mint to craft this refreshing hard seltzer. Whether it's your next adventure, creative project, or simply discovering your new favorite seltzer to drink with friends, we're all on the hunt for inspiration. We want to join you on that journey by actively supporting real makers, doers + adventurers. Find us online and share how to (hashtag)SeekItOut. Let's SeekOut inspiration together. Naturally gluten free. Contains alcohol. Seek us out online. Facebook. Twitter. 5% Alc/vol. Recycle me.