Seismic Beer, India Pale Ale, Shatter Gone IPA

Sustainably brewed. Planet. Prosperity. People. Planet: Low-water use ratio; energy efficient brewery; reducing waste streams. Prosperity: Bolster local economy; community outreach; support craft brewers. People: Community driven; family-owned; team member-oriented. Respect the planet. This IPA is brewed for those that are endlessly searching for unique hop flavor and aromatic expression. Intensely aromatic, Shatter Cone features a bouquet of strawberry, stone fruit, melon, and citrus. The palate is bright, crisp, and acidic with a punch of clean bitterness which gives way to a lemon/orange and concord grape profile overlaid on a neutral malt canvas. - Andy Hooper, brewmaster. Sustainability Pledge: As brewers, we know that the quality of the beer we serve is inextricably related to the quality of the ingredients we use and the process we follow. To ensure that we continue to make great beer for generations to come, we are pioneering new technology & partnering with like-minded organizations to preserve and protect our environment. Behind the Name: A shatter cone is a rare geological feature that is naturally formed when a meteorite impacts bedrock. The high pressure, high velocity shock wave of this large explosion leaves a distinctive cone impression in the earth. In a similar fashion, the unique blend of hops in our Shatter Cone IPA will leave an indelible impression on your palate, shattering the status quo of what you can expect in an IPA. Visit Instagram & Twitter: (at)seismicbrews. Facebook: (at)seismicbrewing. Brewers Association Certified. Respect the planet.7.0% alc. vol.