Hop Valley IPA Variety Pack, Craft Beer 12 Pack, 12 FL OZ Cans, 6.0-8.7% ABV

A refreshingly different IPA experience. Hops Evolved. Cryo Hops by Yakima Chief Hops rely on a proprietary process that harnesses the power of sub-zero, cryogenic separation to deliver the concentrated lupulin of Whole-leaf Hops. The result? Enhanced flavors and aromas from the purest hop product ever released. Since 2011, Hopovalley has been collaborating with Yakima Chief Hops to craft original I beers that celebrate Cryo Hops innovation. Bubble Stash: Mosaic Cryo Hops create a tropical dankness with bright sweet fruit notes in this easy drinkin new age IPA. Mango & Stash: Alc. Vol. 6.0% IBU 30 Mosaic Cryo Hops and mango puree partner up to deliver a double punch of flavor and aroma that is sure to leave you craving a sequel. Cryo Stash: A healthy dose of Simcoe Cryo Hops. pack an intense, tropical, citrus blast to this perfectly smooth Imperial IPA. Mystery Stash: Open the Box, unveil the Mystery, and meet the newest member of the Stash Family! Mystery Stash will rotate in order to showcase our latest Cryo Hops Inspirations. Instagram: hopvalleybrewing. Bubble Stash: IBU 45. Mango Stash: IBU 30. Cryo Stash: IBU 40. Bubble Stash: Alc. vol. 6.2%. Mango & Stash: Alc. vol. 6.0%. Cryo Stash: Alc. vol. 8.7%.