Gowans Hard Cider, Sierra Beauty Heirloom

Estate grown. Est. 1876. For 140 years we've hand picked the best apples. Now these 83 heirlooms sparkle in our family-farmed craft ciders - all from heritage orchards, sustainably grown in the Anderson Valley premium California terroir. Family owned for six generations - over 140 years. Special: estate grown. Tree ripened. Orchard: Gowan Family Orchard. Varietal: Sierra Beauty. Crafted from the rare & elusive Sierra Beauty apple, which was nearly lost except for the protected trees thriving at Gowan Family Orchards, this 'still' wine-style cider has a complex rich smooth calvados-like flavor. Pairs well with salads, pasta dishes & desserts. Proprietors/Cider Makers: Donald Gowan; Sharon Gowan. Gluten free & all natural. gowansheirloomcider.com. California grown. 6.9% alc by vol. Produced & bottled by Gowan's Ciderhouse, Philo, California.