Barrelhouse brewing co. is a family owned American craft brewery. Good times. Great people. We handcrafted this delicious light craft hybrid with the finest of ingredients, the lowest of bitterness and reduced the gluten so you can share it with all your friends. Grab a cold six-pack; it's time to raise your standard. Cheers! Hand crafted smooth superior. Good people, good times, great beer. BarrelHouse was established in 2013 with a simple mission bring together Good People, Good Times, and Great Beer. Since those early garage brewing days, BarrelHouse has quickly grown to be the largest family owned and operated craft brewery in San Luis Obispo County. Being an American, family owned business is something that we take pride in, says Jason Carvelho, president and owner. In an ever-changing craft beer landscape of sellouts and mergers, we retain our independence. Our people are passionate about our mission and we are just getting started. Tag. You're it. (hashtag)barrelhousebrewingco (hashtag) drinkresponsibily. Raise your standard Go online crafted to reduce For location, event, and beer needs visit on the Internet. Pack it in. pack it out. Remember to recycle. Alc by vol 4.8%. 9.6