Anderson Valley Ale 12 oz

The legendary Boonville beer. Consistently judged one of the world's finest breweries. Solar powered brewery. Hop lovers, your dreams have come true! Hop Ottin' is Boontling (The local Anderson Valley dialect, developed in the late 1800's) for hard working hops, and they're surely hard at work in this brew. Hop Ottin' starts with a robust floral aroma, which winds into a deep and complex body. In an intriguing balance, sun-drenched malts coat rich hop undertones. At length, the hops prevail, with a satisfyingly crisp finish. Hop Ottin' bites like a can-kicky bluetail (Hop Ottin' bites like an angry rattlesnake looking for a fight). 7% alc by vol. Mendocino County, CA.