Bauli Il Pandoro de Verona

Naturally leavened baked cake. Traditional recipe. Italy's No. 1 Pandoro. You're about to enjoy a century of Italian tradition. Bauli Pandoro - known in its native Italy as Il Pandoro di Verona - first appeared in the romantic city of Verona, northern Italy, sometime in the 1800s. This golden bread, with its tall, star-like shape, came to be an icon in Italian cuisine. Famous for its heavenly aroma, light, fluffy texture and simple goodness. Your family will enjoy Bauli Pandoro's rich history and flavor in every bite. Made with pride and authenticity by the Bauli family. What you hold in your hands is true Italian Pandoro. Leavened by a long, natural process, with no additives or preservatives. Made with wholesome, rich ingredients and carefully baked to perfection, each cake takes over 40 hours to produce. Our Pandoro is created with strict adherence and respect for the traditional recipe for creating authentic Pandoro - a quality tradition we've cherished for more than 80 years. Our superior baking standards ensure you that the true character of authentic Pandoro is met. Today, families all around the world enjoy Bauli Pandoro. If you want authentic Italian, you want Bauli. Does not contain genetically modified ingredients (maize, soy). Manufactured by Bauli S.p.A., Verona, Italy. Product of Italy.