Salem Baking Cookies, Sugar, Chocolate, Crushed Peppermint

Enrobed in chocolate topped with crushed peppermint. 5 holiday shapes. The holidays just got five times tastier. What happens when we take our classic Moravian sugar cookies - made with pure cane sugar and full flavor vanilla - bake them into five adorable holiday shapes, gently enrobe them in a rich blend of artisan chocolates, and then top them off with a crackly, crunchy sprinkle of crushed peppermint? You get a special holiday indulgence that will delight adults, kids and all the holiday helpers. They're our little way of saying happy holidays, times five. The Art of Moravian Baking: Coveted ingredients. Classic recipes. Crafted with care. These are the hallmarks of the Old World Moravian baking tradition, a celebration of pure and cherished flavors. Since 1930, Salem Baking Company has proudly carried on this tradition, because we believe using only the finest, and essential, ingredients is still the best way to convey the naturally vivid flavors in everything we bake for you.