Fair trade certified. Aloe content & purity in this product. Certified International Aloe Science Council. Cooling & Soothing: Cools, soothes and hydrates dry and sun-parched skin with certified organic and fair trade aloe vera juice (and little else), it's as close as you can get to breaking a leaf off an aloe plant! Unscented and leaves no sticky residue. Apply as needed. Custom formulated & produced with care. Certified Fair Trade. Cruelty free. Certified B Corporation. 96% organic ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from plants or are a product of fermentation. NSF: Contains organic ingredients. Certified by QIA to NSF/ANSI 305. Certified gluten free. Certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, Non GMO certified by NSF. Certified by NSF to NSF Non-GMO True North, Made in the USA.